5 Important Concepts to Support Women Empowerment

Women used to experience limitation in various aspects of life, including career. However, there are now some efforts to ensure women empowerment, especially in workplace. People are becoming more conscious that women should be given more opportunities to realize their potentials.

The empowerment of women employees is allowing them more resources that were previously inaccessible so they can thrive in career. Here are things you can do to ensure it.

Closing Pay Gap between Male and Female Employees

It is not a secret that female employee in similar job post to male employee tends to receive lower wage. This pay gap issue is very prevalent in every industry. It is estimated that male workers receive 28% more than female workers who hold similar positions.

There are several things thought to be responsible in this matter. Female employees are not as apt as males when it comes to negotiating their payment. Women, especially the married ones, also tend to take longer breaks from work.

Allowing Equal Opportunities since Recruitment Stage

Employer must start allowing equal opportunities for male and female workers ever since the recruitment stage. There are instances when employer feels reservations about hiring women for certain job posts. However, employer must hire qualified applicants regardless of gender.

In developing their talents, employer must create equal opportunities too. If there are offerings for training, they should not only send male employees to do that. Female employees must get the same chance as their male colleagues.

Maximizing Chance for Women in Leadership Positions

To ensure women empowerment at work, company should also consider posting qualified female workers in leadership position. Research shows that women are better collaborative workers than men. They tend to approach problem solving comprehensively instead of just using logic.

Having females in leadership positions also ensure good mentoring system because women tend to be more approachable and trusted teacher. Modern women also receive higher education. Many companies are starting to realize the importance of having female managers.

Preventing Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment at work is also common issue in modern society. Although male employees can be the victims, most cases will have female employees on victim ends. Here are some ways to prevent sexual harassment at workplace.

  • Develop strict policy against sexual harassment at work.
  • Actively respond to sexual harassment complaints.
  • Prevent rebuttal to victims of harassment.
  • Do not encourage sexually inappropriate jokes.
  • Create comfortable and appropriate environment in office.
  • Support the use of consensual forms for in-office relationships.

Being Sensitive to Women’s Characteristics

There are women who experience painful cramps during menstruation which preventing them from going to work. Pregnant employees or those who have children will also need days off to attend to their children’s needs. Some companies may prevent their female workers from taking days off.

Women are often discouraged from chasing after career since they do not feel like company will understand their needs. Employer must ensure that they are well accommodated to improve women empowerment. They must pay attention to certain female’s needs.

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