What is Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages? What do they do?

Coca-Cola is a world-famous beverage company and particularly this Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages outlet and office are located in Dallas, Texas, United States. It is a very renowned company in the Beverage Manufacturing industry. The company is consisting of more than 5000 total employees across the world in all of its locations. The company generates $2.02 billion in sales every year. The Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages LLC corporate has accommodated 135 companies around the world. 

Coca-Cola is one of the largest bottlers in the United States and it caters to more than 31 million people across the Southwest to distribute bottled beverages. Let’s find out some more interesting information about Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages. 

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages is a people-centric company

The Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages caters to is mostly an employee-centric company that intentionally hires from the communities they serve. They intend to support the local economies by providing them with jobs as well as supplying the nation’s favorite beverage to their neighbors, friends, and family. 

Southwest Beverages makes sure that its employees are looked after properly in their lives and careers. The company never fails to offer benefit packages and competitive compensation to their employees so that they are never demotivated but satisfied and give their full effort in volunteering. 

What are the Products of Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages?

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages has a total portfolio of beverages which means the company caters to almost all kinds of beverages starting from teas and coffees to juices, waters, and soft drinks; it’s a huge list. They have all the old and everyone’s favorite beverages as well as their new exciting products, they never stop delivering for their communities.

coca cola southwest beverages

Which is the mother company of Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages?

The mother company of Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages is the Arca Continental. The headquarters of Arca Continental is located in Mexico, precisely in Monterrey. In Latin America, this outlet is the second-largest Coca-Cola bottler and owns multiple leading snacks brands in the U.S such as Deep River snacks and Wise. Arca Continental is consisting of a total of over 50,000 talented employees and team members in and around Western and Northern Mexico, Peru, the Southwestern U.S., Ecuador, and Northern Argentina. 

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages is working towards a sustainable world

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages has a very simple and basic goal. They want to contribute to building a sustainable world. They try to work on reducing replenishment, carbon footprints and watersheds and recycling waste. 

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages’ intention of sustainability reflects in their packaging

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages is strictly cutting off on virgin plastic and working towards lightweight plastic as their containers. The company has achieved 50 percent of its contents recycled in its portfolio of plastic packaging. Also, this company is the first in the entire U.S. to take the initiative of using new Plasmax technology in its production process. 

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages takes the initiative in Water Conservation

The company Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages has partnered with several agricultural and watershed initiatives to ensure sufficient water supply to their communities. The Coca-Cola Southwest beverages partnered with the Coca-Cola Foundation in 2020 and pledged $2 million to contribute to The Nature Conservancy’s fund to reduce the water crisis across their region. 

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages invests in Renewable Energy

The company has distributed 100% renewable energy across all the locations in and around Texas. This is the first-ever long-term and huge energy among Coca-Cola bottlers in the entire North America. 

coca cola southwest beverages

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages is aiming to create a world without waste

The company believes in sustainability and has an intention of making a better world. We have already discussed its contribution to different projects of saving water and making the environment plastic-free. Similarly, the company has another goal of creating a world without waste. Their goal is to collect the wastes and recycle them for reuse so that the environment is not polluted by their non-biodegradable. They have already collected 30% of their plastic packages and recycled the waste. 

Coca Cola Southwest Beverages is into community services

The company is a community-centric organization and looks after its education, empowerment, and environment. They have a primary goal of helping out students reach their career goals and live good life. The company donates over $1 million in laptops every year to all the school and college students of Texas. The company is also nature-centric and hence got involved in all the initiatives of serving nature through energy preservation, water preservation, and recycling waste. The diversity and inclusivity of the company encourage more regional communities to build their career with them. Coca Cola Southwest Beverages value and respect all the differences and characteristics of each of its team members. 


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