Through Meditation, You Can Get These 7 Real Health Benefits

May 21 is world meditation day. You should try to do this activity. Looks boring because it looks just sitting around, silent and thinking about many things.

But actually there are many good benefits for health that can be obtained from that, you know. The following are the health benefits that have been tested by researchers by only doing this meditation activity.

1. Reducing stress

Source: mindful.org

This is the reason most people start meditation. In general, pressure both physically and mentally can increase the production of the hormone cortisol in the body.

This hormone causes people to have trouble sleeping, getting depressed and anxiety, increasing blood pressure to cause fatigue. By reducing stress levels through meditation, you also automatically avoid these health problems.

2. Reducing the risk of getting short-term memory

Source: variety.com

There is one meditation method called Kirtan Kriya. It is a meditation method that combines spells with repeated finger movements to focus. This improves the ability to remember. At least 12 studies have succeeded in proving the efficacy of meditation in improving brain abilities.

3. Helps deal with addiction

Source: healthline.com

If you are a drug or food addict who cannot stop consuming and is already in the addiction phase, meditation should be able to help you overcome the addiction problem. Research shows that meditation can divert attention from something and help focus and strengthen the determination of this thing that can make you distracted from the addiction and focus only on meditation.

There are studies that research 19 alcoholics. They learn meditation and as a result they can better control their addiction by meditating.

4. Improve to sleep

Source: spineuniverse.com

There are facts that show that half of the human population experiences imsomnia aka sleep disorders. Imsomnia can be caused by many things, starting from doing college assignments, working on deadlines, playing games, calling boyfriends, watching movies, and so on. That’s why research was conducted that invited two groups of people with insomnia. One group is taught how to meditate and the other is not. Those who meditate sleep faster, deeper and longer than those who are not taught meditation. This shows that meditation helps to overcome the problem of insomnia and improve one’s sleep.

5. Helps control pain

Source: practicalpainrelief.org

Pain is associated with a response in the brain. A study through the MRI method looked at the brain activity of participants. Some of them do meditation and others don’t. Patients who meditate show brain activity that can better control pain. These patients also reported they were more resistant to pain. This shows that by meditating someone is more able to control pain which is a response from his brain than people who do not do meditation.

6. Reducing high blood pressure

Source: today.com

It was explained in the first point if the reduced stress can reduce blood pressure. In these connections, high blood pressure can cause various diseases. Can stroke, dementia to heart attack. Meditation can help with blood pressure problems by calming the nervous system which is directly related to heart function.

7. Enhance immunity

Source: hollandandbarrett.com

There is a study made by Ohio State University showing that muscles relax because a calm mind reduces a person’s risk of developing breast cancer. There are also studies that show if older patients get increased immune cells after trying meditation.

That’s the benefit you can get from meditating. Just try it first. Who knows, meditation that seems boring is really suitable for you.

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