Things To Draw When You Are Bored?

Boredom can creep in when you have run out of drawing ideas. When you get to this point, you can look for new ideas to kill it by looking for random things to draw like mandalas and flowers.

Random Things to Draw

Random things to Draw

There is no stopping boredom because it will always come, but you can decide to be unstoppable. When trying to get around it, you might find another gift in store for you!

1. Enticing Comic Strips

Narrow comic strips can narrate the story of your best comedy story. Also, you can narrate your life crisis and excessive boredom using comical sketches. 

2. Try to Sketch some Calligraphy

Calligraphy amuses many, and perhaps you can be the next one. Begin with your favorite TV show, the best film actor, and your best restaurant, and the names might seem so different when adorned in calligraphy

3. The Skyline

Since the skyline is visible at night, take time to draw the kinetic energy in an urban city at night when it comes alive. It is upon you to accept or leave steps the way you see fit and put in the desired details depending on what you can see and also what interests you. 

4. A Mandala

A mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle, and its design is a complicated abstract design with many circular forms. Get the steps and follow them to produce the mandala and don’t be intimidated by how the tutorial seems problematic because it is easy to copy through the steps. 


5. Learn to Draw Roses

The DIY for drawing roses is easy to follow for anyone. Following these easy steps, you can easily devise your way of drawing them. The simplicity of the steps will give you a super beautiful result. 

6.  Batman

Most boys have tried to draw most if not all superheroes like batman, flash, and the arrow. So, it is your turn to try and draw your heroes. 

7. Sexy Eyes

Drawing can easily break boredom if you have fun while at it. You can make your artwork fun by creating simple rules to follow. The tutorial on sexy eyes by Don Corgi will be an excellent treat to your art book as you get rid of stress. Make fun and draw these cute eyes, and you start with a rectangle shape first. 

8. A Dog

The video tutorial on how to draw a dog is quite simple. The step-by-step guidelines will leave you with a drawing of a real dog, unbelievably drawn by you. After the dog, you can go on and learn to draw a robot, and accomplishing both will leave you happy and psyched up. 

9. A Car

Everyone has had the desire to draw a car or lorry so badly. Some made it, but a beginner may find it challenging. However, find drawing tutorials online that will guide you through drawing your favorite car. 

10. Aliens

Aliens make an interesting topic, and it may also make it to your list of random things to draw. There are many interpretations as to what aliens look like, and you can add to the list whether they are existent or not. 

11. The Globe

Mother nature is a perfect reminder for your school days. Take a theme like air pollution, ice melting, and deforestation, and enjoy bringing out the best of it. Other people have done it so you can do the same and make yours count. 

Random Things To Draw

12. 3D Image Illustrations

Draw and display your name using the 3D style to create a perfect drawing. You can choose anything from your name, and title to a movie or someone and present it in 3D. 

13. Shades

Shades on dresses, jewelry, or cutlery create a significant effect, and you can put them on paper. You can try to draw anything and shadow it as you see it. 

14. Abstract Shapes

Abstract drawings will jog your mind and kick out boredom by bringing out classic pieces. You can make a cupcake out of an oval shape, and that makes for an abstract form of art.

15. Doodling

Doodling is one of the best ways to take your pen for a walk without a specified destination. It is one of the most common ways that people use to kick out boredom. You scribble without intention or sense and live in the moment. 


It may be challenging to cut out boredom from your life, but you can cheer yourself up by finding random things to draw. Lookup drawing tutorials online and follow the provided steps to achieve whatever it teaches, and you will slowly get back to your regular.

Killing boredom through drawing might be another way to bring out the potential that has not yet surfaced. So, anytime you feel down, get a pencil and your drawing pad and explore the above possibilities. 

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