Are Refresco Beverages Healthy?

Refresco Beverages contain added sugar and color that can adversely affect our bodies if consumed too much. Some sources of sugar like sugary drinks are worse than any other sugary things. This concept primarily applies to soft drinks with soda, added sugar, and colors. 

There are several reasons why Refresco beverages are not healthy and we will discuss some of the facts about it. So, let’s get started with the article.

Refresco Beverages include Sugary drinks which are prone to Weight Gain

refresco beverages

The most common form of added sugar is called table sugar or sucrose which helps supply simple sugar fructose in large amounts. But what does Fructose do in your body/ does it lessen the hunger hormone? No, it does just the opposite and stimulates your hunger hormone. It does not provide any needed nutrients to your body so consuming alfresco beverages is adding unnecessary sugar on top of your calorie intake which encourages weight gain.

Summary: Total calories are increased by consuming added sugar. It doesn’t provide any nutritional value to your body and instigates weight gain.

Refresco Beverages contain large amounts of added sugar that turns into Fat in your Liver

If you are consuming too many sugary drinks you’ll automatically consume more fructose. Too much fructose can affect your liver by overloading it with external fats. It also contributes to illnesses like non-alcoholic fatty liver. 

Summary: More you consume fructose, the more you consume fat in your liver. It can lead to suffering from various liver diseases. 

Refresco Beverages contribute to increasing Belly Fat

refresco beverages

As mentioned earlier, Refresco beverages contain high sugar which is prominently associated with weight gain. Consumption of too many sugary drinks can increase dangerous fat within your body as well as your belly and other organs. This is precisely called belly fat. Many studies have shown previously that excessive belly fat can give rise to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

As the beverages also consume too much glucose, it fattens your skin but has no link to metabolic disease. 

Summary: Excessive fructose and glucose consumption. It increases belly fat. It is very prone to heart disease, different metabolic diseases, and type 2 diabetes. 

Refresco Beverages or any Sugary Soda drink can make your body Insulin Resistant

There is a hormone called insulin within our bodies that helps drive glucose from the bloodstream into our cells.  But when we consume soda with added sugar in it our cells can become resistant to the insulin effects and also less sensitive. While this disruption is happening in our bodies, the pancreas tries to fulfill the requirements which cause the removal of glucose from our bloodstream and it can be dangerous. 

Summary: Excess glucose consumption makes our bodies to be insulin resistant. It causes abnormalities in our metabolic system. 

Refresco Beverages and other sugary Sodas contain only sugar with no Nutritional Values

When you are consuming sugary drinks, it’s just the sugar that is going inside your body and no other good elements like minerals or vitamins. Liver diseases, weight gain problems, diabetes, and indigestion problems begin with this. 

Summary: Nothing essential is consumed through sugary drinks. No food value is involved. It is only prone to various diseases. 

Refresco Beverages or any sugary drinks might become an addiction

Sugary drinks are possibly addictive substances for a lot of people. If you’re binging on sugar, it will release dopamine in your head to give you a pleasant feeling. It works differently for different people. If your brain is accustomed to the dopamine release in a particular way and cannot go beyond that, it is an addiction. It can affect your brain like other hard drugs or substances. Different research demonstrates that it is possible to be physically addicted to sugar. 

Summary: Sugar releases dopamine in your brain to give you a feeling of pleasure. It often becomes addictive to certain people. Sugar can affect your brain just like other drugs. Sugar addiction can lead to several dangerous diseases like diabetes, and heart problems. Metabolic disorders, etc. 

The risk of cancer is increased if you consume too many Refresco Beverages or any other sugary soda

Cancer has become a very common illness just like heart disease and diabetes. Hence, the consumption of excess sugar may increase the risk of cancer. Several studies have shown that people who consumed more than 2 sugary sodas per week have developed pancreatic cancer. 

Also, it is very dangerous for postmenopausal women to consume excess sugary drinks because it may lead to endometrial cancer or uterus inner lining cancer. 

Summary: The risk of cancer is increased through excess sugary soda consumption. Pancreatic cancer has become a common result of sugar consumption. Apart from that, it is risky for women who are post-menstrual as there is a chance of growing endometrial cancer within their bodies


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