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4 Exhilarate Party Games Ideas (the More People, the Merrier)

A family gathering is indeed fun, especially if the gathering activities are accompanied by a variety of fun activities, such as playing some exciting party games.

As we know, playing games together is the right complement, but you must have felt bored playing the same games. For that, here are some refreshing options that you might not have heard of before.


Although the name sounds creepy, paranoia can be the most exciting game for family gathering. This game relies on both trust and little luck. The flow depends on how tense the game is being played.

How to play paranoia is actually quite easy. You just form a circle then one person will whisper a question to the person on right. Moreover, the person on right will shout the answer loudly.

After they shouted the answer, they have to throw a coin or any object. If the face shows up; the questioner must shout the question loudly too. However, if the face shows down, the questioner can keep the question secret.

Look at You!

This game is perfect for you who are a little active as this game performs various movements. To play it, each player needs to write down a variety of strange events on paper, collect them in container, and randomize them.

Some of the events are:

  • Slipped by a banana peel
  • Fishing crocodiles
  • Parachuting using an umbrella
  • Fly like superman

After the paper is scrambled, player must take one paper then demonstrate what is written on it. While this player demonstrates, the others must guess what movements are being performed by performer.

Making Mummies

Before trying this kind of party games, keep in mind that it requires many resources, especially tissue roll. Even though, the pleasure will be guaranteed.

Divide the players into several teams. Each team must line up, and all players except the front ones will be provided with one tissue roll. Starting from the front, each person must wrap his teammate with tissue until it covers the body.

After finishing wrapping, player will turn around and be wrapped by a teammate behind him with a tissue as well. The game stops when one of the teams has wrapped up all the players. So, whoever the fastest is the winner.

Rhythmic Seat

It is the classic game that always presents at every party. To start it, you need a seat less than the number of players; someone to play a song, and someone to hold the camera at any time when funny incident occurs.

First of all, the seat will be placed in the center, with the players surrounding the chair. Music will be played, and people will start dancing. Music can be stopped at any time. When the music stops, players must race to sit in the seats that have been provided.

Well, those are the party games to enliven your moment. In fact, it will be much more exciting if everyone is able to get fully involved in the game.

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