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Minimalist Small Dining Room Idea

A small house doesn’t mean you don’t have an important room like a dining room.

Although the size is not as wide as other spaces, this space serves to enjoy meals and gather with family members.

Minimalist small dining room requires several items that you cannot ignore like the one below.

Minimalist Small Dining Room Idea

1. Dining table

small dining room arrangement

You can start by choosing a minimalist dining table.

The dining table generally has a rectangular shape with 4 supporting legs and is made of wood.

If it is not possible to put a long dining table, you can choose a square table measuring 1 x 1 meter.

The color you can choose is white or wood accents so that dirt can be seen easily.

The table needs to be maintained well than the other stuff.

2. Dining chair

small dining room addition

Before deciding to buy a dining chair, consider how the atmosphere of the house and the number of residents.

If the occupants are more than 2 people, then you should buy 4 or 5 seats.

Likewise if you often welcoming guests or friends.

But if the number of people is less than 3 people, you should not have seat more than 3.

Too many seats will only make the kitchen narrower.

3. Cabinet

decorating a small dining room

Unlike the lemari pakaian, cabinet in the dining room can be functiones as a place to store cutlery that is rarely used every day.

In addition, you can also use it to fill empty space if the room is too spacious.

You can use a cabinet that hangs on the wall if the room is quite narrow.

4. Lamp

furnishing a small dining room

Lighting is an important part of the dining room.

You can choose maximum or even dim lighting for a romantic dinner.

The minimalist lighting model that you can use is a chandelier placed right on the dining table.

Besides that, you can also use lights that stick to the wall for dimmer light.

5. Wall decor

small dining room accent wall

If you feel that the dining room is too little decoration, then you can stick the wall decor.

Some choices of wall decor are pictures of fruits to abstracts, medium-sized minimalist wall clocks, or even photos.

This option can be used if the dining room is quite spacious and does not use wallpaper on the wall.

6. Table decor

design a small dining room

A large dining table will look empty if there is no table decoration on it.

You can add a lantern that looks classic or a mini flower vase.

Other decoration choices are a fruit basket or fruit bowl.

You can see various table decorations at

7. Wall shelf

size of a small dining room

If you don’t really like wall decor, you can put a minimalist wall shelf.

Usually, the shelf consists of several asymmetrical boxes.

You can also just put a shelf in a line and put it in several parts.

You can put a number of displays such as flowers or miniatures on it.

Attractive dining rooms are not only pleasing to the eye, but can also increase your enthusiasm for dining with family.

Although small, this room will be a frequently visited room and must be kept clean.

Make sure your minimalist small dining room is cleaned before and after using.

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