Mindbender’s Ambition God Roll – Destiny 2

The Mindbenders Ambition Shotgun has become an important Pvp weapon in Destiny 2 since its addition. It is no wonder most players value and desire to have the shotgun. There are best perks that welcome the Mindbenders Ambition god roll in the game for PvE and PvP. The gun is an extensive weapon with Chinese writing that makes it unique and valued by players and they need to know how to utilize it.

How to get Mindbender’s Ambition shotgun in Destiny 2

The weapon is the most sought-after and can be obtained easily. However, getting your hands on this weapon earned as a reward for completing Hallowed Lair Nightfall means you are one of the lucky players. Getting the shotgun calls for successive finishing of the dusk. Remember that you can only run the Hallowed Lair Nightfall weekly, not successfully, and you must wait until it is part of the Nightfall rotation.

Once it is part of the Nightfall rotation, the time to farm your shotgun will be right. You can simplify the process by running it from the lowest difficulty level upwards. After you get the chest weapon, then you can go ahead to finish the Hallowed Lair Nightfall.

The Ambition shotgun brings with it an aggressive frame, and Rampage increases your power after a kill. The weapon’s structure makes it aggressive and gives it a high chance to kill and a recoil function that boosts its performance. Its Rampage power is high, and it conveniently destroys the target, making it a preferred weapon for any player. A player will get more fire from this weapon as long as he kills more kills and causes more damage. Here are the gun specifications: 

  • Shock – 80 
  • Stability – 36 
  • Range – 36 
  • Magazine Size – 5 
  • Load Speed ​​- 45 
  • Handling – 38 
  • RPM – 55

The Mindbender shotgun’s higher performance qualifies it as an excellent weapon to a Destiny 2 gamer. 

mindbender's ambition

Recommended Perks for Mindbender’s Ambition God Roll

The most powerful and preferred weapon in Destiny 2 is the best shotgun to obtain for PvP. Below are the perks for god roll and the proposed perks that any player should seek.

PvE Perk – 1

Great impact describes a shotgun, but the lackluster handling, range, and Stability are improved in the areas below.

  • Smallbore – +7 Range and +7 Stability.
  • Corkscrew Rifling – +5 Range, +5 Stability, and +5 Handling.
  • Barrel Shroud – +10 Stability and +10 Handling.

PvE Perk – 2

In the second perk, you need to increase Stability as it is key and the Magazine Size.

  • Assault Mag – +15 Stability and +10 Rounds per Minute.
  • Tactical Mag – +5 Stability, +5 Reload Speed, and +10 Magazine.
  • Appended Mag – +20 Magazine.

PvE Perk – 3

Shotguns are effective if used nearby, and for the third perk, you need a threat detector. 

  • Slideshow – A partial slide reloads the weapon’s magazine as well as boost range and Stability temporarily.
  • Threat Detector – When an enemy is close by, the shotgun increases reload, Stability, and handling for a better chance to kill.
  • Pulse Monitor – If the wielder is badly wounded, then an auto-reload happens to the magazine partially. 

PvE Perk – 4

There are three possibilities in this final perk for PvE, and Rampage takes the lead.

  • Rampage – There is a temporary increase in damage in every Kill with this weapon.
  • Quickdraw – This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.
  • Auto-Loading Holster – After a short period, there is an automatic reload to the holstered weapon.

Mindbender’s Ambition PvP God Roll

In PvE, the Mindbenders Ambition shines, but you might want to make good use of it in PvP to obtain the correct perks, as detailed below.

PvP Perk Slot 1

Your barrel needs good range, and these are the specifics for this provision.

  • Smallbore – +7 Range and +7 Stability.
  • Rifled Barrel – +10 Range and -15 Handling.
  • Full Choke (Tightened barrel) – Ensures a smaller projection sight for consequential damage.

PvP Perk Slot 2

The second slot requires great Stability and the Assault Mag is what will bring results.

  • Assault Mag – +15 Stability and +10 Rounds/Minute.
  • Accurized Rounds – +10 Range.

PvP Perk Slot 3

If Stability has worked for you in the previous slots, then you need Snapshot Sights in this per slot.

  • Slideshow – A partial slide reloads the weapon’s magazine, which temporarily boosts range. 
  • Snapshot Sights – Aiming down happens swiftly.

PvP Perk Slot 4

Rampage is paramount, but any of the three will be handy in PvP.

  • Rampage – Any kill accomplished with this weapon grants increased temporal damage (Stacks 3x).
  • Quickdraw – Easy and fast to draw the weapon.
  • Moving Target – Down sight aim increases movement speed and target acquisition.


Mindbender’s Ambition is well established in PvP and will be handy in the future. The shotgun is a plus to any player in Destiny 2 as it is a great weapon thanks to its aggressiveness and Stability. 

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