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6 Incredible Kids Bedroom Ideas (Kids Will Definitely Like)

If you look for kids bedroom ideas, you come in the right place. Here are some ideas that your kids will like for sure. It is known that decorating bedroom for kids is very exciting.

You can ask them to decide several things. It can be their experiment on expressing themselves. What a good idea, right? In order to help you seeking any idea, please continue to read.

The Zoo Theme

Many kids like to go to the zoo. Therefore, this theme will be perfect to be applied in their bedroom. The decoration may start from the wallpaper. There must be many types of wallpaper which can express how zoo looks like. Well, jungle print can be chosen for example. Other possible things to do are:

Pick the right bedding

Select the bedding which shows the zoo life. You can go with bedding which has animals print, green print, and more.

Place animal dolls

Animal dolls are additional decorations which help a lot to build the zoo life.

Sweet Pastels

Sweet Pastels for kids bedroom

Pastels seem to be everyone’s favorite. The colors are very calm and sweet. The combination of many pastel colors never goes wrong. They are very great to be applied in the bedroom, including small bedroom ideas. It gives calm ambience.

First of all, paint the wall with right color. All the furnishings can be in white colors only. Try to play with accents of rug, bedding, sofa, cabinet, book shelf, and etc.

Fun Colors for Bedroom

Not really into pastels? Try to go with fun colors for your kids bedroom ideas. Fun colors may express a cheerful bedroom. It can be applied by choosing several things which are in the same colors. At least, gradation of one color is very possible.

Boho Style

Boho Style for Kids Bedroom

Who says kids won’t love bohemian bedroom? Well, some of them may think it is boring, but others think in different way. Boho style is simple decoration. You can simply go with white in most colors used in bedroom, for example white bed, white wall, white pillow, etc.

To show the bohemian side, put something to be a focal point like boho painting, boho-style rug, and related things.

Toy Story Theme

This kind of bedroom usually has various toys that a kid has. You can prepare a separate space inside the bedroom to place the toys. They can be placed in a vertical shelf. Additionally, try to select several things which state the theme “toy story”.

Things which can be done are such as choosing a character bedding, hanging posters, and more. Several action figures can be placed as well in the bedroom.

Create a Focal Point

Here are several things that can be replaced easily to show what you want to express the theme. These things are also highly possible to be a focal point of the bedroom. The things you should consider are:

  • The bedding
  • The color of wall
  • The furniture
  • Additional decorations

Well, that’s all for you. Hopefully, the information can help in giving the best kids bedroom ideas. Have fun in decorating!

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