Is The Forest Cross Platform? 5 things you must know

What is ‘The Forest’?

Is The Forest Cross Platform? ‘The Forest’ is set up in an open virtual forest where the gamer is to range over freely in the forest also trying his best to get through amongst scary obstacles and blood-thirsty opponents. It originated initially as a PC game that could also be played on a PlayStation.

To start the plot the main character in the game Eric and his son Timmy who just survived a plane crash in an isolated forest are parted from each other in an unpleasant event of Tim being kidnapped by Dr. Matthew Cross who ran a secret lab in the forest for a research purpose while Eric lay unconscious after the crash. 

Now Eric is set on a mission to find his son in this secluded forest amongst many other challenges he gets on his way. The plot of the story takes many twists and turns before reaching two concluding endpoints, further either of them leading to a new storyline.

 To get to know more about if Eric ever gets to meet his son you will have to give the game a try, I assure you it is going to keep you hooked to it for a long time. The genre of the game is horror, as most of the obstacles showcased are very ghastly and bloodthirsty.

‘The Forest’ was launched in 2018, by the Canadian game developer Endnight Games, this being their first gaming venture. Its success has led the team to plan a sequel called ‘Sons of The Forest’ which is yet to be published.

5 things you should certainly know if you are willing to purchase The Forest Cross Platform

1. Contrast in the Forest Cross Platform game’s performance

If you want to know what would be the major differences noticed while playing on different platforms, let me tell you the first major contrast brought to your notice would be the quality of its graphics. Each gaming panel has its unique graphics which are exclusively confined to its platform and might not be applicable on other platforms. The second contract would be the commanding i.e. controller command vs keyboard command, not all consoles are aligned to take controller commands through a keyboard or vice versa.

2. Transitioning between platforms

While switching from one gaming panel to another you might want to know if you are supposed to be starting the game all over from the beginning, so here’s to know how the transition between platforms happens. Yes, transitioning between platforms will ask you to start the game all over again from scratch due to compatibility issues. The data that is saved on one gaming platform might not be compatible with the other one and hence the progress you have made in the game will be astray.

3. Platform-specific-

Before you think of purchasing The Forest Cross Platform let us look into what all platforms it is currently available on and if it is cross-platform. The game originated as a PC game that could also be played on Playstation (PS4) making the game only accessible to both platforms. Coming to being cross-platform; let’s take PS4 as an example, the game can be played amongst different players who play it on PlayStation i.e. the game can be played amongst PS4 and PS5 or amongst different players who play it on a PC but a PS4 player cannot play with someone who is playing it on a PC.

4. Game’s future-

Many of ‘The Forest’ fans also wanted to know if the game is going to be cross-platform anytime sooner or later in the future. Well to answer that we will first have to consider a couple of points again; firstly, this has to be launched on other gaming consoles as well which is a decision left to the makers. Secondly, all the controls, graphics, and titles are to be made universal to adapt to different platforms again is something dependent on the developers of the game. So the answer always lies between a yes and no with no strict confirmations.

5. Is The Forest cross platform

The answer to this question is both a yes and a no. Yes, The Forest cross platform if it is played between multiple Playstations or between multiple PCs that are being cross-platform is platform-specific in this case. No, The Forest is not cross-platform as it cannot be played between multiple gaming panels, let it be the PC or PS4 or Xbox or Switch or Nintendo (also the fact that it is only confined to PC and PlayStation). 

Finally, the world of gaming is a vast ocean and we live in the Cenozoic era where anything and everything is unpredictable. That leaves us hoping for the best for the future.

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