How to Get Paint Off Car

How to Get Rid of Paint Off Car? Paint scuffs happen when there is friction between two surfaces that have been Painted. If you have been in this situation, you can attest to how frustrating it is to get rid of the paint. The paint can come from wet paint in a house, or swinging your car door against a freshly painted wall. Removing the paint is not an easy task, which is why this post will enlighten you on how to get paint off your car. 

There are many ways that your car can get paint splatters, and ways of removing the paint will also vary depending on the kind of paint. Also, getting the paint off will require some manual action and a lot of patience. With the use of a few ingredients, you will restore the appearance of your car. 

How to Get Paint Off Car

It isn’t very pleasant to find your car with spray paint after a long day’s work. As a reminder, paint mishaps can turn into a big deal if wrongly handled. There is no one particular way that is accurate to get paint off a car, but you need to know the type of paint and the best way to get it off. 

Different Ways How to Get Paint Off Car

1. Mechanical paint removal

Most paint splatters are removed in the garage using an automated paint remover, a powerful chemical spray, or a sander to scuff off the paint. But, these methods are not favorable for a classy car because they can cause serious damage. 

The methods might not work with the first application meaning a second layer must be applied. For those with fancy cars, the automatic paint remover might not be a smart choice. 

2. Chemical paint removal

Using chemical paint removers is a smart way to strip paint from a car without damaging it. First, before you begin to apply paint on a car, it may be necessary to protect the car by removing the car part to apply it. Secondly, please read the instructions keenly then apply the stripper on a small area before spreading it to a bigger surface for the best outcome. 

3. Manual paint removal

This method is the most involving, especially for the person doing the removal. Using sandpaper is the most popular and slightly easier method. Also, a paint scraper can help remove the paint layers manually. It needs a lot of hard work, but it may turn out to be the best method that will not damage your classy car like the methods that require the use of harsh chemical strippers. 

How to Get Paint Off Car

Further Methods on How to Get Paint Off Car

Secure the area of splatter by making a border using packing tape to ensure that no cleaning products will mess up the clear coat on your car. The cordoned area is okay because the products you use will only work on the paint splatter without interfering with your car. 

1. Apply Alcohol

Using a clean towel, apply and rub alcohol on the affected area while applying pressure to the paint. When the paint splatter absorbs the alcohol, it may become a gummy or sticky consistency. Use your fingernails or a dull knife to get the paint off. And, be careful not to scratch too hard or deep and damage the car paint. 

2. Use an oil-based Cleaner

You can get an oil-based cleaner from your local store and then apply it to the platter. Oil-based cleaners are effective in removing sticky substances and adhesive sticker paste. Also, they remove all the paint splatter without leaving residue or stickiness on the car. Once you apply the cleaner, let it rest there for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a clean, fresh towel.

3. Use a Clay Bar

Rubbing a clay bar into the paint splatter can help get it off. It is a sticky bar, and it can pull the splatter off your car right away. Once done, wash off the area with the paint splatter with soap and water to ensure no chemicals remain behind. Use a clean towel to buff the area, then apply wax, and your car will be clear of the paint. 

4. How to Get Paint off a car using Lacquer Thinner

When the paint is too dry, some methods may not be effective, such as a nail polish remover. Get a stronger solvent like the lacquer thinner used to clean resin on wooden surfaces and follow the steps below. 

It would help if you had a clean cloth to apply a little thinner and keep warm, clean water close. In a short while, the splatter will slowly come off. Wash off the area with warm water immediately to avoid eroding the car paint. 

Apply the thinner in small bits and slowly increase the portion’s quantity if it is not serving the purpose. A small amount of the thinner will not get the paint off your car, but again don’t use too much and spoil the whole car paint. Wash all the residue off your car to avoid chemical damage to the original car paint. 


Please don’t waste time thinking of getting paint off a car because the above methods will clean a paint splatter and make it look like it was never there. The methods are not only effective in removing spray paint but also house paint from a car. 

Sometimes a paint mishap might cover a large area, and the best decision might be to repaint the entire car. Also, if one method is not effective, try another until the work is done. 

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