Easy Ways to Make Funny Greeting Cards

We often receive greeting cards when we get gifts on birthdays, wedding gifts, thank you days, etc. The most interesting thing for other than gifts from people we love is a greeting card. On the greeting card, our loved ones have some very valuable messages for us. In addition to the message also pen strokes become things we can not forget. Well, it will be even more memorable if we design this greeting card / make it ourselves and agree to make it look beautiful and in accordance with the recipient’s theme / preferences. This time I will give several tutorials on how to make greeting cards and one of them is Tutorial on How to Make Funny Shirt Shaped Greeting Cards. Immediately, we follow the manufacturing method below.

Tools & Materials Required:


Pencil / pen

Paper glue


Colored cardboard (can use other paper)

How to make:

  1. Take a blue cardboard (can choose other colors) then cut it like the picture above then cut it into a rectangle and add extra paper to the top of the paper (see picture). After that bend in (see picture) paper with a small piece at the top of the paper. Pay attention when bending the paper, make sure the right and left paper are equal / parallel.
  2. Take another colored cardboard then cut it into a square (right and left are the same, or you can use folding paper). After that fold the sides of the paper inward (can see pictures).
  3. After that flip the paper and fold it at the end of the paper taper downwards (can see picture).
  4. fold the paper back up (only a small portion of the paper is folded) can see the picture.
  5. Turn the paper back and fold it back to the two sides (right & left) of the paper inward (see the picture).
  6. Turn the paper back back, and it will be formed as shown above (see picture).
  7. Take the first paper (blue) then fold it together (parallel to the right and left). Make sure the position of the small pieces of paper is on the outside of the paper, (can see pictures). After that take the paper number 2 (yellow) and stick it in the middle of the outer paper (adjust it to form a tie) using paper glue (see the picture).
  8. Take the button and attach the button of the small piece of paper at the top using glue. Position it to look like a collar.
  9. Give a motif / drawing using colored pencils / color pens on the second piece of paper (you can draw a tie motif). Don’t forget to write your message / greeting to the person you are going to give this greeting card to. Good luck 🙂

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