Dumbbell Floor Press Benefits

The dumbbell floor press is seen by many as a lazy man’s kind of exercise. One lies down flat on the floor, and the challenge looks so little without a bench. However, only those who have been through this workout know there is more to it than meets the eye. 

Dumbbell Floor Press

The exercise is related to the bench press, and it is beneficial to bodybuilders as they progress to develop other chest exercises. It is what they do to build a killer chest or those with shoulder injuries. It is an ideal variation for improving muscle mass and lockout strength using the press technique. 

What is a Dumbbell Floor Press

You might have acknowledged this exercise unknowingly, and it is precisely performed, as the title suggests. One lies on the floor flat with dumbbells in every hand. It seems like an easy exercise because the distance from the floor is too close but don’t be confused because it shifts the effort and does not make lifting easier.

The dumbbell press works the chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles. Its versatility makes it complementary to other exercises. For instance, you will get a hardcore session when you combine it with a fly exercise. As a result, your chest muscles contract while your triceps bear the brunt. 

Benefits of Dumbbell Floor Press

1. Muscle Building

The change in your triceps will be evident in a short time. Advance by using varying weights from the 10 – 15 mark as you progress.

2. Build Strength

The upper body strength builds fast because of the shorter distance to the floor. As a result, you will work with heavier loads and get more comfortable with time since the weight is not moved so far, which is the main benefit. Working out specific muscles will, in the end, increase your strength, which you will notice during your bench press exercise

3. Improves your Lockout

Missed lifts in competitive lifting and powerlifting can happen because of elbow tension from a weak lockout. Floor presses are the ideal training for lockouts using heavyweights. As a result, they help you in a competitive capacity with snatch and jerks.

4. Good for injured or sore shoulders

When lying on the floor, the press is easier on your shoulders than the bench press exercise. With an injured shoulder, this exercise will work your triceps and chest without unnecessary stress. The back is not involved; hence all the force comes to your chest and arms. 

Who will highly benefit?

The practical exercise that’s easy to perform

This exercise is ideal for many people with: 

  • An individual who is over 50 years and wants to build strength & muscle
  • Those with shoulder impingement or pain
  • If you got wrist or elbow joint issues when benching
  • If you have no bench or barbell press at home
  • Those without a gym membership
  • If you train alone, this one is ideal for you. 
  • Perhaps the gym you go to has fewer benches which are always taken.
Dumbbell Floor Press

The Correct Form of the dumbbell floor press

Select the two ideal dumbbells(weight), then lie flat on the floor with a dumbbell on each side. The knees should be bent, then raise the values with your arms extending till the elbows are locked out. 

Slowly lower the weights until the upper arms touch the ground. Once the elbows touch the ground, hold the position for a while, then extend your elbows while pushing the weight. Tuck your elbows to your sides for a sharper tricep workout. As for the chest, your hands should be in an angular position. 

Make dumbbell floor press into your General Workout

The dumbbell floor press can be part of a broader workout plan for the whole body. Combining it with tricep extensions or similar exercises will build the back of your arm. The floor press exercise is not as thorough as a bench press. You lift further on the floor than the overhead arm extension on the bench. 

During a chest workout, hitting a plateau is common: Proper diet, progress day by day, you grow stronger with each passing day, then boom, you cannot exercise further. Once you get there, take a break and change, and add a partial exercise to your routine like a chest exercise. 

Whichever way you view the floor press exercise, it is explosive when you combine it with heavyweight and higher frequency thanks to the short workout distance. The floor gets in the way; hence every repetition begins from scratch, and there’s no room to take it easy because you are working out a full power lift. 


The dumbbell floor press makes for an ideal exercise to incorporate into your upper body training arsenal. It is an excellent beginning for beginner lifters and those recovering from shoulder injuries. 

The back does not get involved; hence your joints are not strained because the floor is excellent support. You don’t need to worry about the gym benches being occupied as you can do this workout alone at home. 

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