Do YOU Want To Buy Epiphone Les Paul “Travel-Size” Electric Guitar? Here’s What You All Need To Know.

Because of the great sound quality, they provide Epiphone Les Paul is frequently relied upon by experts. You think I’m completely insane, don’t you? Nope. They’re just fantastic. 

As a result of drawing influence from the renowned PAF humbucker of the 1950s, these pickups deliver lush, crystal-clear dynamics as well as the growl and intensity you require when applying distortion to your amp’s output.  These pickups are well-suited for all types of music and all genres, making them excellent choices for both live performance and recording. You won’t be dissatisfied with this purchase.

Tonewoods at the professional level

The vast majority of Epiphone Les Paul Standard guitars are constructed of Mahogany with a Maple top, which is true to its name. Because of the Mahogany body, you receive all of the warmth and rich low-end acoustic attributes of the instrument. The Maple top takes care of all of the snapping and articulation, so you can rest assured that everything is covered. Just the way a Les Paul should sound!

If you’ve always desired a Gibson Les Paul but haven’t been able to stretch your budget quite that far, the Epiphone version is a fantastic alternative to consider. These guitars are built with painstaking attention to detail, and they are a true workhorse of a piece of musical equipment. These are not low-cost knock-offs of Les Paul, but they are the most cost-effective option available. Moreover, no one cares if you play a Gibson or an Epiphone because they are both built to exacting standards and provide wonderful sound. So don’t think that Epiphone guitars are inferior to other brands; they’re simply different! Gibson Les Paul guitars are manufactured in the United States, whereas Epiphone Les Paul guitars are manufactured overseas, most frequently in China.

To keep prices low, Epiphone will frequently employ a Veneer top, which means that your wood grain is either printed on or is made from a very thin piece of wood, depending on the model. On Les Paul, the rich Maple top is still present; a sheet has been placed over it to make it appear a little more polished. Burstbuckers are usually used by Gibson, whilst Probuckers are frequently used by Epiphone. Because the sound of these pickups is a little different, it boils down to personal preference. Compared to Burstbuckers, ProBuckers have a little more bite and a little more warmth. It comes down to personal preference when it comes to guitar pickups. Some professional-level musicians like Epiphone pickups. They both sound fantastic when connected in, regardless of how you connect them! Because of the changes in construction sites as well as the variances in materials utilized, Epiphones are significantly less expensive than Gibsons. As a result, they provide amazing value for money and are an excellent choice for guitarists looking for a hardworking, wonderful-sounding guitar that will not break the bank. Custom models, signature models, and an EPIPHONE INSPIRED BY GIBSON are all available. Because Gibson owns Epiphone, Gibson has granted permission to Epiphone to replicate some of their most iconic guitars under the Epiphone brand. In other words, you can purchase a Les Paul custom model for a fraction of the price.

Additional color options for Epiphone Les Paul “Travel-Size” Electric Guitar

The Epiphone Les Paul guitars are available in a plethora of various finish options, which makes them quite versatile. As with Gibson guitars, you have the conventional Cherry Sunburst finish possibilities, but on the Plus-Top Pro series, you also have access to a variety of unique colors such as Blood Orange and Greenburst, which aren’t available on the Gibson models. As a result, you will have even more opportunities to express yourself. Get started today! To test out a huge selection of Epiphone guitars for yourself, visit your local PMT shop, or visit PMT Online to see the whole range today! We can even special order the guitar of your dreams for you!

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