Do These 7 Things to Make You Feel Better When Menstruation

Menstruation is a monthly cycle that women usually don’t really expect. Because, in this period, there are many changes in the body that occur and force themselves to adapt quickly to the routine.

However, menstruation is a biological condition that will only stop naturally if you have entered menopause. That is, you also have to get used to for years with this situation.

Now, in order not to continue to feel upset about the menstrual periods that you will definitely experience, there are many ways you can do it. At least, the following seven things can help you feel better when the uterine cell wall decays because there is no fertilization every month.

1. Moderate exercise

Exercise can help facilitate menstrual blood flow and reduce pain around the abdomen. However, choose sports that are not too extreme and intense such as light yoga, walking, and so on. Avoid exercise that is too heavy often because it can actually trigger irregular periods and stop menstruation.

2. Increase magnesium intake

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One of the benefits of magnesium during menstruation is relaxing the muscles, thus relieving stomach cramps. In addition, minerals that play a role in healthy egg development can also prevent migraines and headaches and reduce water retention and bloating.

3. Monitor the menstrual cycle

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You need to do this monitoring and recording because it is one of the important bases for evaluating the overall health of your body, especially in terms of fertility. You can also note what is experienced during menstruation every day, such as complaints that are felt, heavy or not menstrual blood flow, and others. Also includes several activities such as changes in diet, exercise, to sex that you do in this phase.

4. Keep the body warm

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This simple thing can help reduce cramps that have the potential to attack you in each menstrual cycle. You can use a bottle containing warm water or some kind of heat pack.

5. Drink raspberry leaf tea

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The alternative drink that you should consume while menstruating is warm raspberry leaf tea. The content of vitamins and minerals in maintaining women’s health has been known for centuries. Fragrine in this ingredient also helps strengthen the uterus and reduces discomfort and cramps during menstruation.

6. Make a journal

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Emotional and mental raging in the menstrual phase is natural or commonly referred to as PMS where someone feels upset, wants to be angry, easily emotional and so on. Try to be more calm by doing self reflection through journalizing activities because by writing it can ease your fatigue a little by being channeled through writing. Write what you are feeling, what you want to do, what you are thinking, what is bothering you and so on, write it all down.

7. Avoid dairy products

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Milk, cheese, cream, and other dairy products can increase the hormone prostoglandin which will make stomach cramps more painful and bloating. Try to reduce consumption of this product not only during menstruation, but also in the daily diet to keep the condition of the uterus better.

Everyone certainly has their own way to make the days during menstruation not too tiring. Among these seven things, which have you done?

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