Dining Pool Table Buying Guide

A pool table dining table is a true hybrid, partly a game ground and partly the place where the whole family comes together to have a meal. The two-in-one purpose is a good use for space. One moment you are playing with your friends and the next, you pop out the tops and serve drinks or dinner. 

Pool Table

They are made with cabinets and are shallow than billiard tables to allow people who sit at the table to have plenty of legroom underneath. Buying one is exciting and a long-term investment because which is why you need a guide to help you sift through all bells and whistles. 

Size and style are paramount because only you know more about the two and the reasons why you are buying a pool dining table. The idea to go shopping can be overwhelming, especially if you have no clue what to search for and how to make a judgment. Here are a few guidelines to consider if you find yourself on the spot and unsure how to go about the search.

Pool Table Dining Table Buying Guide

Pool dining tables are either British or American spec. And each has different requirements in size, clothes, pocket, and cushion shape. British pool dining tables are smaller in size, about six or seven feet long, and are designed for more slow, strategic games. 

On the other hand, American pool dining tables are larger; between seven and nine feet in length with nylon cloths and wide pockets and are ideal for fast American games. They come equipped with installation because the procedure is complicated, and only professionals can join the slate beds correctly.

Types of Pool table Dining table

The tabletop makes up for an essential part of the table because the cloth used determines the kind of play. Picking the right material is influenced by money and purpose, which is why making an informed purchase is a smart purchase. Whatever your reason for getting a hybrid table, the material should be your first consideration, whether cheap or expensive.

Synthetic Table Slates

Particle Board (MDF) – A medium-density fiberboard that serves its purpose from the beginning but is distorted with time due to temperature changes and there is not much you can do to change that. 

It is mostly used on low-quality tables, but you can also find it in higher-quality boards that consider lightweight a priority instead of slate longevity. Slate cabinets must be more potent to support additional weight, and MDF tables appear sleek with a lighter footprint. These bed tables rarely offer installation because they are easy to build with a basic tool kit and the time to get the job done. 

Pool Table

Honeycomb – The surface is made of compressed hardened plastic layers forming a honeybee-like finish. As a result, the playing surface is rougher, and it does not warp easily. The tables made of honeycomb are lighter than others, and their cabinets are built with economy in mind which tends to make them unstable. 

Slaton – It is otherwise known as Permaslate, a layer of hardened plastic condenses covering the particleboard. Among all synthetic boards, it is considered the best, most durable, and most expensive. It is one of the best choices you can settle to buy without worrying about quality but a significant settlement for a lifetime commitment in a slate purchase. 

Slate(The Industry Standard) 

It is universally considered to be the highest quality of available surfaces; hence it is the most pricey of them all, but worth every penny. You can be sure it will not crack or warp under normal conditions, and it makes for a clean, smooth shot during play. The Italian slate is regarded as the most premium material for a long time, but currently, the Brazillian slate is now considered the perfect slate. 

Slate – It is a massive rock that splits naturally to form broad, flat pieces splits into wide, flat pieces, and the material makes it a perfect level playing field. It comes in different sizes: Thinner slates may be cheaper, but 1” slates are standard and recommended.  

Transporting slate is not easy citing its weight and size, which explains why it is separated into three pieces to allow smooth transit. The three-piece slates are mostly diamond honed, matched, and registered, meaning they all came from the same huge part. 

Pool Table

One of its downsides is the price, and the other is that moving it is quite tricky whether to a new house or a change in setting. The best way out is to look for professionals in the installation or moving.


Choosing the right pool table dining table should be easy for you with the above information. Make sure to know the size you need depending on the available space at home and also a good fit for both purposes. Now go ahead, and buy whatever is ideal for you then invite your friends over!

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