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The Lost Symbol – The Keys of the Freemasons in Dan Brown’s Most current Novel

The extremely effective launch of Dan Brown‘s latest offering, ‘The Lost Symbol’ is bound to arouse individuals’ curiosity as well as interest in the mystical and old company called The Freemasons. Dan Brown’s publication, The Lost Symbol, adheres to the indomitable Robert Langdon in a race against time to save his bosom friend and also trusted coach, Peter Solomon, from a mystical kidnapping.

The unfavorable Peter Solomon also happens to be ‘The Supreme Worshipful Master’ of the Masonic Lodge of Washington DC. The rather frightening, tattooed abductor has handled to penetrate the Washington Masonic Lodge up to the highest and also most deceptive rank (the 33rd Degree). Hence ‘The Lost Icon’ both facilities about as well as cast some light upon several of the enigma as well as rituals bordering the Masons.

Now, I have constantly been quite curious about anything deceptive and unique (let’s face it although Dan Brown does discuss a women branch) the Masons are generally well recognized as a unique brotherhood. I do remember trying to persuade my most gifted brother numerous years ago to sign up with a Masonic Lodge in Cambridge throughout his university days, to penetrate the Masons just to let me understand all the secret routines and also approaches included.

Regretfully, he rejected. Until fairly recently, both most usual notions that the word ‘Mason’ utilized to conjure up for the non-initiated masses, including myself, often tended to be the ‘secret handshake’- nobody understands quite what this requires yet there are extra concepts than real possible handshakes and the rolled up trouser leg, once again no one was rather certain which trouser leg but the mention of ‘The Masons’ at many table would have someone leaping approximately roll up a trouser leg as well as jump about.

All The Symbol are Genuine

Dan Brown, at the actual beginning of his publication, has consisted of a page entitled ‘Truth’ and states that,

“All rituals, science, artwork, and monuments in this novel (The Lost Symbol) are genuine”.

Brown takes place to define, in some detail, secret Masonic initiation routines. An integral part of the majority of these rituals appears to be an acting out of precisely what would take place to a Mason if the keys of the brotherhood were to be revealed. One initiation event includes a ceremonial blade pushed to the initiate’s bare breast whilst he wears a ritualistic velour hood in front of a sophisticated altar. Penalties described should the ‘Mysteries of the Freemasons’ be revealed at this level include,

“having one’s throat cross, one’s tongue torn out by its origins, as well as one’s body buried in the rough sands of the sea …”.

Acceptance right into the third level of the Masons entails acting out the initiate’s murder with simulated impacts to the victim’s head consisting of one with Mason’s rock trample. The story behind this routine returns to the master Architect of old who selected to die as opposed to expose the Masonic Keys that he possessed. Entryway into the highest degree of the Mason’s, the elite thirty 3rd degree involves the famous ‘caput mortuum’, red wind drank out of a human skull before a black marble church. The Mason takes the white wine and announces,.

“May this red wine I currently drink ends up being a dangerous poison to me … must I ever before intentionally or willingly break my oath” (of secrecy to the Masons).

As we can see from the above excerpts from the unique, a central, as well as vital part of all of the initiation rituals within the Masons, include fiercely safeguarding the tricks within, on the discomfort of fatality. Nowadays, The Masons claim to be neither a faith, a cult neither a secret culture.

Nonetheless, it is fairly obvious from checking out the remarkable fragments from Dan Brown’s (‘s most favorite writer) newest little gem that there is a whole lot more to the Freemasons after that a group of effective guys rolling up their trouser legs as well as doing an odd little handshake. One point is for certain, and that is Masonic background, routine, idea and practices will certainly remain to hold a fascination for the uninitiated for several years to find.

Best Seller Novel

If Dan Browns’ most recent Bestseller has excited your curiosity about the Masons do not miss out on an extra thorough consider these brand-new, never-before disclosed secrets behind the Freemasons.

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