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Vinyl Cutting Software: Check Our Top 5 List of the Best Vinyl Cutting Programs

Vinyl cutters usually come with their own manufacturer’s software. It is compatible and useful but limited in terms of features. Vinyl cutting software: check our top 5 List today to get dedicated software for all your vinyl cutting needs.

There are many factors on what to pick including device compatibility, work experience, and budget. But using any of the software is better than any stock software. Because it is not limited to company budget and is made by specialized programmers. Here are the top 5

Easy Cut Studio

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Currently, the best vinyl cutting software in the market and it is for very good reasons. It has an easy to interact with user interface and has a scalable vector graphics (SVG) support. It means that the program is compatible with many vinyl cutting devices and software.

SVG support allows this software to save files in SVG format. This is a common format used by many software and can be used by many cutters in the market. Many reviews also mention that this software has best vectorization support. Supported operating systems are OSX and Windows.

Sure Cuts a Lot

If you are new to vinyl printing and vinyl design, then this is the software for you. You can import shapes, fonts, cuts, and also capable of drawing new designs too. It has similar functions like Photoshop or other Adobe editing software, so it is capable of editing and creating new vinyl.

With support of OpenType and TrueType fonts, you can have unlimited font choices for your design. The auto-tracing feature can also convert non-vector images into cut images. Perfect if you want to make signs and labels. Supported operating systems are OSX and Windows.


This is one of the well-known software among our Vinyl cutting software: check our top 5 List. It is very popular because of easy to use yet professional user interface, compatibility, and comes with an affordable price tag.

It has many file formats compatible with many software and devices. Since it has a build in vector design application, you can edit and create much vinyl without the help of other editing software. Supported operating systems are OSX and Windows.

Vinylmaster Cut

As the best value for money and also the most heavyweight software, it is one of the most popular software for professional vinyl manufacturing to date.

With support for up to 500 cutters and also printers, it’s definitely versatile. Like software on this list, it has support for vector editing. Supported operating systems are OSX and Windows.


It is great vinyl cutting software, with a very big advantage. It is free of charge! With almost all the features of previously mentioned software, it wins big due to its price. Features such as drawing tools and broad compatibility make this great for amateurs and pros alike.

With SVG support, it can also use many vinyl cutting devices even when it can only read its default formats. As easy to use and free software, it cements its spot in this Vinyl cutting software: check our top 5 List.

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