Crystals for Protection – Top 7 crystals Healing for Women

Sometimes in life, you can be surrounded by evil energy so strong that it can cost your life. You are affected mentally, and emotionally, and you also get physically sick. Getting away from people you think have these negative energies might not be enough. Today we discuss crystals for protection and healing to bring balance to your life.

Psychic attacks like depression and fatigue can bring you down, and you might not be aware. Sometimes you feel sick with a dark cloud over your head, but you have no words to explain or understand what you feel. 

Crystals are different in healing abilities for the body, mind, and soul. They fight the negative energy to promote physical and emotional benefits, and they go back to ancient times as a form of medicine with philosophies borrowed from Hinduism and Buddhism. 

crystals for protection

Sumerians made crystal magic portions from quartz. Greeks wore amulets made of amethyst, and the Chinese made jades as medicine. Although people are strongly drawn to crystals for their beauty and colors, there is no scientific proof of their healing and protection abilities.

The use of crystals is mainly self-care, and you should use them with mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance. Many people stand by the powers of crystals even without scientific backing. Therefore, once you decide to indulge in crystal healing or protection, you need to keep an open mind about what these natural stones will do for you. 

How Crystals Work

Crystals contain unexplained energies harnessed by people who use them. Celebrities have adopted crystal usage, causing a surge like Victoria Beckham, who keeps black tourmaline and quartz backstage during her fashion shows to repel negative energies. 

There are energy key points on the body like holding these precious stones in your hands, which transmits energy that can calm, comfort, or revitalize you. Naysayers call crystals a pseudoscience while devotees claim they can heal some ailments and illnesses like depression. 

In modern technology, crystals are used in watches, radios, and computers and are believed to transmit energy into the body like batteries. For instance, quartz is made of silicon dioxide, which generates a voltage. 

Crystals for Protection

Some people claim to feel a tingly warmth anytime they hold a crystal, others feel happier and more energetic while others heal from headaches and other pains. The belief in crystal power works other than the crystal itself, is known as a placebo effect

Best Crystals for Protection and Healing in Women

Many people today are using crystals to relieve stress, and anxiety, and heal different illnesses. Also, others pursue crystals for protection by using the energy from the earth in their bodies. You also need to know what you need to be protected from because sometimes we are our enemies: how you think, how these thoughts affect you, and healing might be how you own the thoughts!

1. Black Tourmaline

Most people wear black tourmaline, a highly protective stone to get an extra shield of protection in public, when using a public means of transport like a train, or when attending business meetings. 

There are power key points where crystals are placed like putting a black tourmaline at the front door to shield the kind of energy that comes into their house. Others place a bowl of salt and a piece of black tourmaline on top to strengthen the protection shield.  

2. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a master healer; this white crystal amplifies energy through absorption, storing, releasing, and regulating it, and aiding concentration and memory. Physically, they stimulate the immune system balancing the entire body’s energy, and you can enhance its ability by pairing them with rose quartz. 

Crystals for Protection

3. Rose quartz

Roses are associated with love, and so is rose quartz. It is a pink stone that is about love, and it is believed to aid in restoring trust and harmony in different relationships and improving their connections. Rose quartz also provides comfort and calm when you are grieving. The stone is not only about other people, but it also encourages personal love, respect, trust, and self-worth, which anyone needs every day. 

4. Fire Agate

Fire Agate has a fiery, powerful vibration that awakens the desire to take action even when you are not sure of the best course of action in a situation. The stone sharpens self-awareness making you feel grounded and physically aware, awakening your spirit, and in return, you feel the greatness of being alive. Its protective energy is more fierce than most stones. 

The crystal vibrates as spiritual energy flows through your entire body, resonating with you and firing a spiritual blaze that is calming making you feel safe and secure. Fire agate uniquely repels negative energy sending it back where it originated, and it also makes the sender aware of the kind of torment they put you through. Keep a piece of it on you to lift fear and make you aware of a looming attack against you.

5. Black Obsidian

It is a powerful stone within your space that creates protection within your space by attracting negative energy. The stone excellently releases negativity that you may attract from your daily life. Its sharpness is physically expressed as a metaphysical property in various tools like blades and arrows to cut through matter. 

The stone is powerful enough to cut through illusions, lies, fearful facades, and blockages to reveal intense truthful energy, and it can be overwhelming. Any darkness that blocks a person in a situation is revealed by obsidian, so it should be used with respect and care, especially in spheres. 

Since the obsidian attracts negative energy, cleanse it often as you take good care of its physical surroundings. Also, do not place it on the floor or somewhere where it can be neglected. 

6. Black Kyanite

Black kyanite is your protector from all negative energy sending it back with love and light. When the negative energy is cut, you show up as your real self, which is a full-time job for many, and you don’t need other people’s stuff above yours.

7. Amethyst

The stone is purple and is incredibly protective healing, and purifying, and it can remove negative energy from the mind bringing forth humility, integrity, and spiritual wisdom hence promoting sobriety. The stone also relieves insomnia, giving you a more peaceful sleep and a good understanding of your dreams. As for your physical body, it boosts your hormones, cleanses the blood, and relieves pain and stress. 

Crystals for Protection


The strength of these crystals will only be effective if you believe in their power. However, if you are skeptical, they may not help you, even though they are not likely to harm you. Also, the fact that crystals are said to be pseudoscience has not stopped people from using them. 

For you to experience crystal protection and healing from various crystals, you must keep an open and positive mind. You can only experience the purpose of these beautiful stones and their good energy if you try and who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised. 

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