Cool Ways to Lace Shoes

A pair of sneakers can be boring unless given a personalized touch like cool ways to lace shoes. Tying up your shoes differently from others makes you uniquely stand out. Tying shoelaces can be difficult for a young child, but for an adult, it can turn out to be fun. 

Cool Ways to Lace Shoes

It is a no-brainer, and all you need is to look up a new video and practice as directed, and you are good to go. Although it is easy, some intricate methods need creativity and concentration. 

Cool Ways to Lace Shoes

1. Crisscross Lacing

It is the most popular lacing method for most shoes and boots. The laces crisscross their way from the bottom up. 

2. Cyclone Fence Lacing

Loop the laces alternately under the left and right of the previous rows to form a decorative pattern that resembles a cyclone fence or chain link fencing. 

3. Straight Bar Lacing Style

It is an ideal method for shoes that have straight even eyelets. The laces cross evenly from one eyelet to the next above it to the end. Once they meet at the top, then you can tie them together. The pattern is neat and easy to tighten. 

  1. Hold the shoelace with the ends meet, so it is in two halves then insert them in the first set of eyelets at the bottom. 
  2. Make sure the ends are even. 
  3. Choose the left or right side to begin with. Pull it straight on the inside then insert it in the eyelet across on the outside. 
  4. Take the other end and pull it inside then put it in the eyelet above on the opposite side. 
  5. Repeat the process till you get to the last eyelet at the top where you can now tighten both laces. 
Cool Ways to Lace Shoes

4. Ladder Lacing Style

The ladder style is more challenging than the crisscross method; it is effective and stable. It provides enough support giving a distinctive look to your shoes. Use this method for high boots or shoes with many eyelets like hiking boots.  

  1. Put in the laces in the first set of eyelets with the ends facing down. 
  2. The shoelace ends must be even.
  3. Pull the ends up straight on the sides through to the next set of eyelets.
  4. The lace should go across straight in a vertical way but on the opposite side. 
  5. Run them straight up to the next eyelets evenly. 
  6. Repeat the process to the last set of eyelets then you can tighten your boot. 

5. Single Hand Lacing

The method is perfect for shoes with tiny eyelets or fat shoelaces. Compared to the ladder method, it is much easier and comes out looser than other styles. 

  1. Take one shoelace end and tie a stopper knot at the top corner. 
  2. From the inside, insert the un-knotted end on the other side, and pull it through till the knot snugs against it. 
  3. With the open end of the other shoelace, zig-zag it through the eyelets to the bottom of the shoe. 
  4. Once done, tuck in the loose end of the lace to avoid stepping on it 

6. Cross-Lacing Style

It is a creative and fun way to lace and tie your shoes. 

  1. The laces should go into the first set of eyelets with ends facing up. 
  2. Cross both ends from the outside then run them through to the top eyelets
  3. Tie them from the top of the cross down to the bottom of the shoe. 
  4. Once done, the remaining laces should be tucked into the lacing to avoid stepping on them.
Cool Ways to Lace Shoes

7. Lattice Lacing Style

The lattice lacing style has a decorative look which makes it popular, especially among young people. However, it is common for mistakes to happen when lacing this method, thus you should pay close attention to the details.

  • 1. The shoelace should run through the first set of eyelets with both ends facing up. 
  • 2. Cross the ends from the outside then run them through the first three rows of eyelets high up the shoe. 
  • 3. On the inside, run both ends straight to the next higher set of eyelets. 
  • 4. Again cross the ends from the outside then run them through three rows of eyelets on the lower side of the shoe. 
  • 5. Run both ends of the shoelaces up straight from the inside out to the next higher set of eyelets


There are many cool ways to lace shoes, and you can spice it up with coloured laces for sneakers. Regardless of the kind of laces, thick or thin, there are various colours to choose from. Read through the method you choose to lace up and follow the steps slowly to get it right. 

In a few minutes, you will be rocking uniquely laced shoes, and your cool look will influence others. When choosing colours, you can decide to settle for popping colours because they are attractive from a distance. 

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