Best Beard Style for Bald Men

Some professions require people to shave their heads clean like military. However, today a bald head is fashionable, especially if you grow a beard to make you attractive. If you are one of those who love a bald head, then you need to develop a beard. Get some ideas on the best beard style for bald men from this post for a killer look.

Best Beard Style for Bald Men
Short beard and a bald head

If the full beard is not your thing, you can opt for a stubble instead of a clean-shaven face. Men with clean-shaven heads have a more masculine appearance than their counterparts who grow their hair. Take your new masculine look to a whole new level by spicing it with a beard.

With a shaved head, the options are many regardless of age. A bald guy can have a full beard, stubble, goatee or moustache and look good. The challenge might come in when choosing the right beard style to match your shaved head. If you need a trendy look, here are the best ways to grow, groom and style your facial hair. 

Reasons why Men should keep beards

Imagine a bald head that is not your choice! Alopecia is a common occurrence for men of all ages, and it can take away one’s confidence. However, this should not worry you because you can grow a beard and boost your ego to new heights. The best beard style for bald men is only when it is a combination of the shape of your face and a shaven head. 

1. The Tough Look

Have you watched a movie where the tough guy is bald? Yes, a clean-shaven head brings out a stern guy look which is what you may be looking for. Achieve the stern guy look by shaving your hair clean, growing a beard then getting it in shape to suit your face and head. Anytime you walk around with this look, people will look at you like, ‘here comes the tough guy’ so it’s not in vain.

2. Adds Balance to your Look

A clean head and face entirely without hair give you the look of an egg. A little facial hair kind of restores the hair missing on your head, and you will look better.

3. No Need to Shave your Face Everyday

Men who love a bald look have to shave their hair every other day, which can be quite a hassle if you have to do the same with your face. With a beard, you don’t need to trim or shave every day but only groom it to make room for your face to breathe and avoid irritation and burns.

Best Beard Style for Bald Men
Long thick beard connecting to a moustache

4. A beard makes you Look Younger

A bald head gives you the same look. Adding a beard to your clean head spices your look as it takes a few years off your real age, especially for those in their 40s or 50s. 

5. Bearded men attract more women

Losing hair can make you look old, and the reality of not getting a girl kicks in. Why not shave your whole head clean then make it better with a beard? Hair loss can bDon’t allow yourself to be brought down by something that can smoothly be shaved like hair loss.

Best Beard Style for Bald Men

1. Oblong

A face structure that is long with a narrow bone to the chin. It would help if you had a beard that is short at the bottom and fuller on the sides and your face will appear more expansive. With this kind of look, avoid growing a long thin beard not to defy the law of symmetry.

An oblong face is recommended to have mutton chops or an imperial beard to make your face appear wider. A boxed beard will bring out a tough appearance with light stubble to bring out a fashionable, stylish look.

2. Rectangular

Rectangle faces are wider than they are long and the straight cheek lines run from temple to jawline. It is similar to the oblong face shape, but this one has an angular jawline. The favourable beard styles for the rectangle face are: 

  1. The badass look with bald and a Full Beard
  2. A neat Chin Curtain which brings out a modern and youthful style
  3. Get a flirty intellectual look with an Extended Goatee

3. Round

A round face has one with a wide hairline and full cheekbones, and it needs a long beard to prolong your face. The side parts should remain short with everything growing together under the chin. The various goatee shapes from extended goatee, half goatee or a half goatee with a moustache will look good on you: It should be fuller at the chin and go up around the mouth. 

Best Beard Style for Bald Men
Long thick beard

A clean-shaven head and a goatee best highlight masculinity and you can also look good with light stubble. Also, a full beard connecting to a moustache will look even better on a round face as it weakens your chin, giving you a hipster look. These beard styles will look good on a round face. 

  1. Any goatee style on a narrow face will give you a stylish look with a moustache.
  2. Also, light stubble on a thin face where the upper part of your beard is shaven, showing a narrow face look. 

4. Square

The square-shaped face is one with a wide hairline and jawline, and facial hair will help smoothen your face shape. Be sure to create a beard style that creates a long narrow look similar to a round face shape. And, because it is more angular, shape it as it grows. 

Shape your beard to a rounded oval shape as it grows and keeps it neat by cutting it on the sides but letting it grow thicker around the chin try the styles below.

  1. A macho style with a Balbo beard.
  2. An Extended Goatee brings a stylish and fresh look.
  3. A Chinstrap beard will give you a charming, mature, wise and experienced look.

5. Diamond

The diamond face shape is one with broad cheekbones, a forehead and a narrow chin.

The best beard style for this face shape is one which is narrower on the sides and full at the chin. The bottom of the beard should grow but you keep the sides short.

With sharper cheeks than the chin, keep your chin hair more concise. You can use good beard oil and wax to sculpt your beard into an oval shape and try these beard styles:

  1. The “Tough man look” with a bald head and a Full beard. 
  2. A Balbo Beard brings a young and handsome facial look.
  3. Look confident and wise with a Chinstrap Beard.
  4. Look young and charming with a Goatee beard. 

6. Inverted Triangle

A broad forehead with a little cheek characterises an inverted triangle face. Keep the area around the jaw fuller to add weight to the narrow chin. The classic Garibaldi beard enhances looks with a full-grown beard connecting to a moustache. The facial hair is to be trimmed to a circular shape to create a rounded face.

Best Beard Style for Bald Men
Bald head with a stubble

Many describe this style as low maintenance, but you need to keep the bottom rounded and symmetrical. Here are more beard styles for you:

  1. Mutton Chops – Gives you a knowledgeable, wise and experienced look 
  2. Chin Curtain Beard – Get a fashionable and confident look.
  3. A Full Beard or an Extended Goatee Beard – This will make you look trendy and badass.

7. Triangle

A narrow forehead and a broader forehead with a larger jawline make a triangle shape. Since your chin has volume where you want to grow hair, it makes the situation tricky hence you cannot keep a full beard but worry not as there are beards that can rock your look. 

Keeping everything short and neat will look good on you. Also, sculpting the beard inwards creates an oval illusion which you can maintain by keeping a long beard.

  1. Be the guy with a charming look a Chinstrap beard and a moustache.
  2. A Goatee and a moustache highlight a modern and stylish look on you.
  3. Balbo beard to give you the stern guy look!


If you are bald or hair loss is slowly catching up, consider growing some facial hair to complement the bald head. Above are the best beard styles for bald men covering all face shapes to give you a better look.

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