5 Workarounds For Christmas Moments That Coronavirus Might Spoil This Year

The coronavirus has affected almost the entire year and, likely, it might just serve as The Grinch’s agent to spoil our Christmas Moments this year. Governments all across the globe have mandated strict regulations and health protocols to help stop the spread of the virus. This means that we might not be able to do the usual way we celebrate our Holidays until we find a cure for the pandemic.

Here 5 workarounds for Christmas moments that coronavirus might spoil this year:

Christmas Moments

Christmas Vacations

Families are advised to stay indoors and are discouraged to go out if they do not need to do anything important such as buying supplies and medicine.

Since we are not likely to spend our Christmas outside our homes, or in hotels to spend vacation elsewhere, it would be best if we could bring back the old tradition of cooking sumptuous dinners and celebrating Christmas Moments at Eve with our loved ones.

Office Parties

Instead of risking everyone in your workplace the potential exposure to the virus, you can plan a virtual Christmas Party via video conference. You can set up a Zoom room where you and your officemates can conduct a virtual get-together program. You can ask them to participate in online parlor games or make them showcase their talent in front of the camera.

It would be great if you could let your family members join in the fun. At the end of the day, announce winners for each segment of the parties and give them prizes or giveaways – to be delivered!

Christmas Shopping

Shopping at this time of the pandemic is only encouraged if you are buying groceries and supplies for your home. As an alternative, you can do your gift and decorations shopping online. You can canvass personalized Christmas signs and wall decorations or individual gifts for your friends and family, and check out your cart once you have decided which ones you want to buy. Not only is it convenient, but online shopping ensures that you are safe from the coronavirus from the comfort of your home.

Going to Masses, Singing Carols, Attending Services

Let us not forget that we are celebrating Christmas Moments because of Jesus Christ. And it is just proper that we dedicate a few hours of our busy Holiday season to Him by attending services in our churches and listening to our pastors and getting blessed by our priests. However, since we are not encouraged to go out because of the pandemic, we can tune in to online masses that are being held virtually via streaming services and websites. You can check with your local chapels and churches on how you can access them from your home.

Exchanging Gifts for Christmas

Observing health protocols in giving and wrapping gifts is a must for this year’s Christmas. There have been cases where delivered items and goods are reported to have been the cause of virus infection.

Make sure that you disinfect when you are wrapping your gifts – from the boxes of toys to the wrappers that you are going to use for them. If possible, the items themselves should also be disinfected.

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