25 Upcycled Furniture Ideas in 2020

Sometimes we get attached to our household stuff so much that when the time comes to make a change, we cannot dispose of them. If this has happened to you, you are in the right place as we will give you ideas to upcycle your furniture. Anything in the home can always be reused from wine corks to mason jars; thus, nothing goes to waste. 

Upcycled furniture

Upcycled Furniture Ideas

Upcycling is not limited, and anyone can be part of it to create anything they like. It is a sustainable revolution that is cost-effective, and anyone can take on several projects without previous skills. Give vintage furniture a new look with the ideas below:

1. Preparation

Before you start the journey to change your furniture to a new look, preparation is key to gathering all the required equipment for the job. First, it would be best if you wipe down the table to rid it of cobwebs or dust. Also, the time factor is essential in case you have to redo or make corrections to your work. The excitement of getting a new project done can make you rush through things getting it wrong. 

2. Be Creative

Allow your mind to be imaginative every time you see old pieces. Let ideas flow to what another way they would be useful. For instance, old ladders can be a great place to display plants while old washing machine drums can be outdoor plant pots. Creativity will give you a new purpose for things that have been disposed of.

3. High-end Furniture 

A vintage piece on display on a high-end street is likely to be found in a charity shop or a car boot sale. Don’t even be surprised to see the same in your granny’s collection. A change of paint and creativity can give room for a beautiful piece of the same at a small fraction of the high-end price.

4. Match the Furniture Era with Upcycling Style

As you recreate a piece of furniture, be sympathetic to its originality and make adjustments that reflect its era. For instance, a G-plan sideboard cannot be impressive when painted in pastels and then distressed shabbily to give a coastal effect. Also, be careful when choosing between a painting and a geometrical wallpaper.

5. Invest in a good Paintbrush

Don’t be too keen on spending and getting equipment that will not deliver the best results. Like cheap paintbrushes leave bristles behind, something that will not happen with a quality ones. Most paint brands have paintbrushes that provide excellent results. In between coats, use tin foil or cling film to wrap the brush and keep it moist and clean once you are done painting or waxing. 

Upcycled furniture

6. Use Old Socks to Apply Wax

Put together old clean socks to use in the wax application on furniture. Make sure they are not fluffy so that they don’t lose fiber to the wax. 

7. Feel Free and work Boldly

When working, don’t be bound by what you spotted on the high-end street. Have fun and make bold decisions to make something even better. Please make your choice of paint from a wide range of colors and let them inspire you. Creativity is endless, and you should make it so!

8. Preserve Door Knobs

You can unscrew doorknobs to keep them clear of paint. In the end, you might find that the new pair you bought is either too small or large to fit. Thus, the old ones will be of great service. 

9. Take time Shopping

There are new products every day, making what was impossible yesterday a possibility today. For example, the availability of protective outdoor paints and sprays creates room for more creativity in the garden. Gardens don’t have to be filled with teak furniture, but you can use the new easy products from crackle glaze. It is a relief because you can now age a piece quickly like second-hand mirrors or frames, making them look unique and expensive. 

10. Protect your Work

After completion, preserve your work by applying or varnishing to give it longevity. You wouldn’t want your new piece to look great only for a while. So, accord it proper respect as it deserves a good finish. 

11. Don’t Hold back, Try.

Upcycling is a duty that can be carried out by anyone with an interest. Once you conceive the idea, gather your equipment and get started and you will do great work. You can’t make mistakes while recycling, but you learn lessons. 

Upcycling Second-hand Furniture


  • Low tack masking tape
  • Dust sheet
  • Dust mask
  • Paintbrush
  • Sandpaper
  • Metal paint
  • Furniture paint
  • Sponge
  • Primer
  • Dust brush
  • Roller & tray

Buying used furniture

  • Find the furniture of interest – You can check the used market furniture online which people sell or give away for free. 
  • Even with a unique piece in mind, keep an open mind because you can find something better.
  • Get inspired by DIY and upcycling blogs online.
  • Please don’t write off a piece because it looks rugged on the surface you are about to transform it with sanding and painting.
  • Check the condition of the furniture carefully relating it to how you intend to use it. 
Upcycled furniture

Revamping the Furniture

  1. Sand the surface to smooth the surfaces
  2. Use a dust brush to excess dust.
  3. Make the surface uniform before you prime.
  4. After primer application, give it time to dry, sand the surfaces again then get rid of the dust.
  5. Use masking tape from top to bottom to secure areas with different colors.
  6. After applying the first coat, leave it to dry completely then apply another. Once it’s dry, put another layer of masking tape to guard the second coat.
NOTE: Use a low tack masking tape to avoid peeling off paint when removing the tape. 

Revamping a Coffee Table

  1. Sand the surfaces and clear the excess dust
  2. Open your primer and stir it up for a proper mix then begin to apply.
  3. Give it time to dry up before you sand the surfaces again in preparation for the first coat of paint. Also, remember to dust off any excess dust before you start painting to achieve smooth surfaces.
  4. Ensure you paint evenly for the best finish.
  5. Don’t be in a hurry to apply the second coat until the first one is completely dry.
  6. Always mask off any areas that are to have different detail to avoid mix-ups.
  7. Use a brush to paint small areas while a roller will be ideal for larger sizes to save time and energy.

Painting tips 

  1. Always sand surfaces to smoothen them.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner or dust brush to remove dust.
  3. Use prime and undercoat on all wooden surfaces before painting.
  4. Once they dry up, sand gently for evenness, then dust off the surface.
  5. Use masking tape to different areas where different colors go.
  6. Begin to paint if you have carefully acted on the above steps.
  7. Two coats will give you a patch-free finish and remember to wait for each coat to dry up completely. 

How to achieve a Personal Touch

Getting an individual touch on a piece can be achieved in many ways. Most upcycles make the new coat fade by sanding it while focusing on areas that will be mostly touched like handles. For the best results in wood pieces, you can wax or varnish the surface. Spray paint is effective on metal furniture, and it dries up faster than normal color. Protect yourself by wearing a mask when sanding or spraying. 


Properly upcycled furniture is as good as new. You don’t need any skills to go about it but a confident, creative self, the furniture, and all other supplies. You will be learning to do something new, so if you make mistakes, it is okay to correct them as many times as possible. It is also a good way to use your free time and explore new fields. 

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