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    Do These 7 Things to Make You Feel Better When Menstruation

    Menstruation is a monthly cycle that women usually don’t really expect. Because, in this period, there are many changes in the body that occur and force themselves to adapt quickly to the routine. However, menstruation is a biological condition that will only stop naturally if you have entered menopause. That is, you also have to get used to for years with this situation. Now, in order not to continue to feel upset about the menstrual periods that you will definitely experience, there are many ways you can do it. At least, the following seven things can help you feel better when the uterine cell wall decays because there is no…

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    Through Meditation, You Can Get These 7 Real Health Benefits

    May 21 is world meditation day. You should try to do this activity. Looks boring because it looks just sitting around, silent and thinking about many things. But actually there are many good benefits for health that can be obtained from that, you know. The following are the health benefits that have been tested by researchers by only doing this meditation activity. 1. Reducing stress This is the reason most people start meditation. In general, pressure both physically and mentally can increase the production of the hormone cortisol in the body. This hormone causes people to have trouble sleeping, getting depressed and anxiety, increasing blood pressure to cause fatigue. By…

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    Minimalist Small Dining Room Idea

    A small house doesn’t mean you don’t have an important room like a dining room. Although the size is not as wide as other spaces, this space serves to enjoy meals and gather with family members. Minimalist small dining room requires several items that you cannot ignore like the one below. Minimalist Small Dining Room Idea 1. Dining table You can start by choosing a minimalist dining table. The dining table generally has a rectangular shape with 4 supporting legs and is made of wood. If it is not possible to put a long dining table, you can choose a square table measuring 1 x 1 meter. The color you…